Birth of the first material Flag of Autistan

The Flag of Autistan has been designed with a computer in July 2016 by the Founder of the Autistan Diplomatic Organization, at the Pioneer Mountain Resort in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

See more about the Flag here at

The first material version of the Flag has been printed in Almaty, on the 4th of August, 2016.

4 August 2016: The first material Flag of Autistan, presented by Zhanat Karatay,
Director and owner of the Pioneer Mountain Resort (left), with the Director of the company that printed the flags in various sizes, in Almaty.

4th August 2016: the very first Flag of Autistan, at Pioneer Mountain Resort. 
(This was a first sample, it was the only Flag of Autistan existing.)

This autistic child says “This is a cool flag!”

Another autistic child (Timka) is showing the first Autistan flag, at the entrance of the “little house in the mountains” (which belongs to the Pioneer Mountain Resort), during a trek to the top of the Pioneer peak.

August 11, 2016:
Two autistic children hold the first big Flag of Autistan (1 x 1,62 m), at the Pioneer Mountain Resort.
In the background, at the top, you can see the Pioneer peak.

11 August 2016:
We received a very large version of the Flag of Autistan (1,40 x 2,26 m), which we plan to use on the “little house in the mountains”: read the article about the installation of this flag.
It had to be big, so that it can be seen from the Pioneer Mountain Resort (with a very good sight, or with binoculars).
(The maximum width allowed by the dye sublimation printer was 1,40 m.)

13 August 2016:
The Flag of Autistan is flying over the world for the first time, here at the Pioneer Mountain Resort 🙂
And we installed the very large version (1,40 x 2,26 m), on the same day, above the little house in the mountains.

In 2018, we created an online shop ( because some people wanted to order a flag (or sometimes a T-shirt).

And in 2019, we had a huge 2.40 x 3.60 flag made, which serves as a “background tapestry” for the small meeting room of our Embassy in Rio de Janeiro.

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